Leasing and Tenants:

FPPM is part of the Florida Professional Family of Companies LLC, with ownership interests in Florida Professional Real Estate, Inc. and Castelli Real Estate Services, LLC. We have 7 offices serving Broward, South Palm Beach and Brevard Counties with leasing agents dedicated to keeping our client properties full. We constantly monitor the market to determine rental rates and trends and keep you advised to insure your property is providing the maximum return. From our Aventura office to the Galt Ocean Mile/North Broward office, we cover the market and retain leading market share in the most important segments.

When we have a vacancy, we utilize our staff and every external source possible to get your property filled with quality tenants. From the conventional MLS, to over 500 websites including Trulia, Homes.com, Movoto, SEFLA regional, and where appropriate GoSection8.com.

Our staff speaks multiple languages and our web ads are converted into the most common languages of Southern Florida.

Is your rent payment being received on a timely basis?

Getting your rent on time is a concern to both of us. In general, the timely enforcement of lease terms helps to make for a better tenant. When you become slack in enforcement of the terms, especially rent, the tenant tends to take advantage. We send out 3 day notices as soon as legally possible. We enforce every provision of the leas to afford you every opportunity to retain effective control of your property. And we regularly inspect every client property to catch the early warning signs of potential trouble.