About Us

FPPM was founded by investment property owners specifically for the individual investor. Our founders’ owned and own single family homes, condominiums, warehouses, retail and offices buildings. From our start in the early 50’s we did most of our maintenance work ourselves. As a result we’re constantly driven to reduce property operating costs, and increase rental income. From our hands on experience, we know how long a repair job should take, and what the parts should cost.

Over the past 60 years we’ve dealt with a number of subcontractors and believe we have an outstanding group of people and companies we trust. Both their pricing and their quality are the best we can find for the money. We had to “kiss a lot of frogs” to find them, and in most cases our own properties were the test labs. The result: You get outstanding management, fair pricing, and quality service from a Property Management company that virtually no other Property Management company in South Florida can match.

Here’s the proof. When you decide that you need professional property management for your residential property, call us and call our competitors. Ask them what they own. Drive by and see how they care of their own property. We’ll gladly give you our addresses and you can see for yourself the difference. Our properties run the gambit from high end to low to moderate income. From waterfront to inner city. No matter the price, or location, we encourage comparison.